What happens if you stop drinking coffee and alcohol for 15 months

These are the effects of giving up alcohol and coffee, according to the German designer Tobias van Schneider, a resident of New York, who told his experience to the Medium portal.

"For a person who lives in New York, stop drinking alcohol can be a good option to save, because drinking a couple of cocktails daily is a common practice." Van Schneider found that at the end of each month he had $ 1,000 more in the current account than when he drank.

"A sober person does not spend time in vain or in silly conversations. I do not like to explain to my friends why I can not drink with them, that's why I do not go out much and practically stopped going to clubs, "says the designer.

"Giving up alcohol dramatically improved the quality of my dream. Now I sleep better and wake up with more energy."

"When I stopped drinking coffee I became calmer and more relaxed. Coffee increases anxiety, and also gave me digestive system problems. I love the smell and taste of coffee, so from time to time I take a decaffeinated coffee. In summer I prefer iced tea, and in winter, hot tea. I realized that 'going out for a coffee' is more than a real desire to drink coffee, it's a social activity. You can maintain this habit, but replacing coffee with other drinks."

Source: https://laprensa.peru.com/actualidad/noticia-que-pasa-si-dejas-tomar-cafe-y-alcohol-durante-15-meses-57566

Published: 2018-01-19
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