10 tips to build a healthy family

1. Unconditionally demonstrate the love you feel for each member of your family.
2. Establish clear and fair rules and limits, where discipline is combined with love.
3. It fosters an environment of communication, openness and joy at home that promotes the healthy expression of feelings and emotions. Avoid teasing, criticism and comparisons.
4. Mark family interests as a priority. Spend time with your family and do together at least one activity a day.
5. Program a family activity every week that motivates them: go for a walk, enjoy a board game, watch and comment on a movie. Use the creative to exit the routine.
6. Try to have a constant formation process in order to have more tools to better face the current challenges of the family.
7. The older members of the family should be positive guides for the little ones.
8. Develop a family life project that includes goals, objectives and actions to achieve the integral development and fulfillment of its members. Check it periodically to update it according to each stage of family life.
9. Cultivate coexistence with families with whom we share beliefs and ideals.
10. Seek support from institutions or movements that help strengthen family values.Without a family, the human being does not develop easily with harmony, nor is it easy for him to be fulfilled. And in this social nucleus is learned love, strength and security, which contributes to each person becomes an independent, autonomous, safe and decision-making.

Published: 2017-10-09
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