The relationship between childhood development and diseases in adulthood

Adversities during Early Childhood Development (ECD) generate biological changes that can lead to serious diseases in adulthood, so today the director of the Center for Child Development at Harvard University, Jack P.

Shonkoff warned.In the Second Symposium on Early Childhood Development Interactions that transform, held in the City of * Mexico, the expert explained that there is a "biological memory related to toxic stress" and that, especially since the age of 32, can be reflected in "high rates of hypertension, diabetes and even heart disease.

""What the biology of the 21st century defends is that what happens in certain parts of life has lasting impacts," he said.Shonkoff clarified that this "does not mean that everyone who has experienced adversity is destined to have more diseases", but there is evidence that experiencing difficulties in the early stages of life poses a greater risk.


Published: 2017-12-01
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