10 simple tips to take care of your heart

Caring for your heart is simple if you know how to do it. With these 10 tips you can lead to healthy lifestyle and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Although in recent years a new fashion has spread for the health and care of our body, cardiovascular diseases are still the leading cause of death in Spain. In fact, according to the National Institute of Statistics, this disease causes 30% of the deaths that occur in our country, even above cancer and diseases of the respiratory system.

However, prevention is the key. "80% of heart diseases and up to 90% of heart attacks could be prevented by a healthier lifestyle, by exercising more and watching our diet", explains Dr. Carlos Macaya, president of the Spanish Foundation of the Heart. Following these tips from a young age can make a difference. In this decalogue you will find the keys to a healthy and strong heart.

1. Controls the de fats
2. Take more fish
3. Sign up for the Mediterranean diet
4. Omega 3 is your main ally
5. Avoid the alcohol and tobacco
6. Beware of cholesterol
7. Stay tuned to the scale
8. Move
9. Beware of salt
10. Forget about sugar

Source: https://www.elconfidencial.com/alma-corazon-vida/2018-01-11/corazon-enfermedades-cardiovasculares-puleva-bra_1489288/

Published: 2018-01-12
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