8 important reasons why you should visit a nutritionist

Knowing what to eat and what is not something we should all know, especially when we want to undergo rigorous diets to lose weight, and the ideal professional to do so is the nutritionist. It is the right person that can help us maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent some diseases, such as diabetes, from getting worse due to poor diet.

Therefore, below, we present 8 important reasons why you should go to a nutritionist, according to the College of Nutritionists Peru (CNP).
1. If you have diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular problems.
2. You want to gain or lose weight.
3. You have digestive problems.
4. You seek to eat healthy and intelligently.
5. You are pregnant or breast-feeding.
6. You want to improve your sports performance.
7. You are in your third age. Your needs are not the same.
8. Feeding problems in children and adolescents.

Source: https://peru.com/estilo-de-vida/vida-sana/nutricionista-colegio-nutricionistas-peru-cnp-vida-sana-estilo-vida-noticia-547075

Published: 2018-02-09
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