10 gestures that helps you reduce stress

We live in an alarming situation of daily stress. And not only are the rush and crazy hours, but also the excess of worries and responsibilities that we acquire throughout life. There comes a time when you can not do more because stress does not let you move forward. Discover the 10 daily gestures that will help you reduce stress and take your life in another way.

To fight stress you have to have a good daily organization, do some physical exercise, eat a healthy diet, put some optimism to your life perspective and have a little bit of good luck. But you can also reduce stress with some daily gestures that will not cost you anything to do them.

1. Breathing consciously reduces stress
2. Get close to nature to relax
3. Walking through the park relaxes you
4. The sea against stress
5. Write a diary to eliminate stress
6. Listen to relaxing music for stress
7. To the world for a minute
8. Color mandalas
9. Dance against stress
10. Laughter eliminates stress

Source: https://www.diariofemenino.com/articulos/psicologia/estres/10-gestos-diarios-que-te-ayudaran-a-reducir-el-estres/

Published: 2017-12-21
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