Benefits of consuming daily orange juice

At the beginning of our day with an orange juice on an empty stomach we load energy and humor for the rest of the day. It also helps purify the body and improves bowel movement.

Orange juice is rich in citrates, which can prevent the formation of kidney stones. In addition, this juice contains flavonoids such as hesperidin, which has the ability to reduce the risk of having a heart attack by up to 19%.

Natural orange juice can reduce "bad" cholesterol levels, as well as blood pressure, thus preventing cardiovascular problems. It is also a rich source of vitamin C, which is perfect for preventing colds; It also helps to have a perfect intestinal transit, allowing us to keep the line. When the juice is taken at the beginning of the morning, it will make us feel very energetic and in a good mood the rest of the day.

Additional tips
- The juice of pure orange, taken in fasting, is excellent to purify the organism, since it helps to eliminate the waste and improves the intestinal movement.
- By drinking orange juice every day, the chances of obesity are reduced by at least 14%.
- Orange juice greatly reduces cell oxidation, slowing aging and preventing many diseases, especially when the juice is taken with the daily food. Orange-Vitamin C

- It is recommended to combine orange juice with meats, lentils and some ham sandwiches, because in this way iron is assimilated much better. It is very important that people who suffer from anemia take it frequently.
- The vitamin C found in oranges is excellent to help create collagen, which is responsible for keeping the tissues in perfect condition.


Published: 2018-01-05
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