Are you tired all day?

Are you tired all day? Do you feel that you are not giving your 100%? Perhaps the real problem is that you do not rest as you should. Experts recommend sleeping 8 hours, but it turns out that there is another magic number that will allow you to recharge. Sleep is an essential function for life during which the body rests and the skin regenerates. And now, a new study reveals exactly how many hours and minutes you have to sleep to have your batteries in place and also be happy.

According to a study conducted by Amerisleep, American mattress firm, the happiest people sleep 7 hours and 6 minutes, to be precise. But, below 7 hours, you start to be unhappy. And if you are one of those people who find it hard to sleep less than those hours, put these tips into practice here. Likewise, program the alarm clock well to not miss the exact minute of happiness.


Published: 2017-12-21
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