We Protect What Matters to You

Assure is a 67 year old international product that provides protection to 250,000 families in the Americas.* We protect those closest to you in the unfortunate financial and emotional event of a funeral requirement. Funeral costs can destroy your family finances even if you have life insurance. At Assure, we provide you with the necessary logistical and financial expertise for a proper funeral for your loved ones.

Protection from the Unexpected

All it takes is a phone call. Assure will pay for funeral expenses and mange the funeral arrangements for you or any of your affiliates. Such you and your family can continue the healing process.

Get Protection with ASSURE Our trained representatives will assist you to determine the best program for your family or business.
Sales and Customer Service 1-855-275-2577
Only for sales in English 1-877-837-7763
Emergency Line 1-888-815-5817
Assure belongs to the largest network of funeral providers in the Americas.* We are an active member of ALPAR, a Latin American Association of Funeral and Cemeteries as well as the NDFA, the largest funeral association in the USA.
We have gained the trust of MORE THAN 1,650,000 affiliates in the Americas, except Canada
OVER 3,600 BUSINESS CLIENTS (Private companies, government, cooperatives, unions and others)
We fulfill our promise by serving MORE THAN 9,500 FAMILIES ANNUALLY